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Cold hot fatigue swelling solution

Central South University Xiangya Hospital chief physician Liu Shuangzhen

2018 12 06 April 08:29 source: - life times

Modern people face the computer every day, mobile phone screen, the eyes are often dry and itchy pain. Some people say that with a hot towel can alleviate fatigue, it has also been suggested to improve the congestion with cold towel. In fact, according to the selection of hot and cold eye symptoms.

Itchy eyes, with a cold. Cold generally used for acute eye swelling and pain, cause local vasoconstriction, reducing local hyperemia, inhibition of sensory nerve, relieve the pain. Such as acute catarrhal conjunctivitis, manifested as itchy eyes, redness, photophobia, tearing, foreign body sensation. This situation can be cold. The specific operation, the broken ice into the bag with exhaust air after sealing, wrapped a wet towel, put ice in the eyes, every 3~5 minutes, every day can be repeated several times. In addition, trauma to the eye swelling or do eyelid surgery, are available within 24 hours of the onset of cold, fast swelling and pain.

Eyes dry, use hot compress. Dry eye syndrome is very common in autumn and winter, manifested as dry eyes, foreign body sensation, fatigue and photophobia. Hot compress can dilate blood vessels, increase blood circulation around the eyes, relax the eye muscles, relieve fatigue, and the fat melts meibomian gland glandular tube and promote discharge, to reduce water evaporation of tear film lipid. Mode of operation, with a hot towel (the temperature at 42~45 Deg. C is better) covering the eyes, eyes closed, rest, every 5 minutes, 1~2 times a day. If the doctor prescribed treatment of dry eye drops, eye drops in hot compress can enhance the efficacy. Chronic inflammation, chronic conjunctivitis, eyelid stye, can use hot compress therapy.

Eyes bleeding, first cold and hot compress. Some people drink hard rubbing eyes, subconjunctival induced acute hemorrhage, or subconjunctival hemorrhage into a block into the group. This should be the first to use cold compress, promote small blood vessels, can stop bleeding and prevent bleeding aggravated. After 48 hours, and then hot compress or fumigating, promote congestion absorption, a week later, the eye can basically eliminate blood clots.

Need to remind is, whether it is cold or hot compress, the physical therapy is only auxiliary means, eye discomfort or accidents in life, we must first ask the doctor, do not at home, so as not to delay the illness.

(commissioning editor Li Yiqun and Xu Xiaohua)

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