Strong self-control are richer

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A new US study "psychology" frontier magazine recently published that self-control and strong people richer.

The United States Temple University researchers to more than 2500 volunteers as the object, the decisive factor by using the computer to influence future wealth ranking. These factors include: age, occupation, education, race, Gender, height, location and delay "instant gratification" (self-control) etc.. The results showed that occupation and education is the most important predictor factors of high income, followed by the location and Gender (male income is generally higher than that of women), followed by the people's self-control ability, it is higher than age, race and height of income.

Study chief Dr William Hampton said that self-control is a self control ability, has the ability of children to better control the interpersonal relationship, life to decide. He said, "predicting the future income variable ordering" applies to the vast majority of countries and regions. A new study on the important enlightenment to the majority of parents, pay attention to cultivate children's self-control can help mining their future earning potential. (Wang Xingwang)

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(commissioning editor Li Yiqun and Yang Di)

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