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In December 2018 06, 08:10 source: China Medicine News

Mention of cupping, most people are not strange. With the popularity of cupping family, when feeling unwell, cold, waist and back pain, often give their pull cans. Although the cupping is simple and convenient, but if the improper operation, not only it may also damage the health.

Recently, in Shandong, Qingdao in a shopping mall, a woman received cupping therapy, due to improper operation, the body can not get down, desperation had to help firefighters. In recent years, because of the accident caused by improper help firefighters cupping news is not uncommon in the Internet, in fact, cupping also have the technical content and taboos, if not through the study and practice of the system, the best to the professional medical institutions of cupping therapy.

The director of the hospital of acupuncture Dai Qibin Nanjing traditional Chinese medicine, cupping is a simple and convenient method of health care, but many patients have some misunderstanding, that the cupping time longer, can adsorb more compactly as possible, in fact, this is wrong. Correct cupping time should be in 10~15 minutes. In addition, a lot of people at home often feel cupping operation. For example, some patients with waist cold, only the most painful place in the waist pull a cup, but the Chinese pay attention to the syndrome differentiation to determine the cupping position, not simply where uncomfortable pull where.

Therefore, the following precautions should pay attention to cupping. The body is too weak, the skin is easy to allergies, women's menstrual period, pregnant women should be used with caution; at home when cupping attention to prevention and treatment of burns and ignition of combustible; Cupping time not too long, the cupping time to 5~15 minutes, between two days to 2~5 interval cupping is appropriate; finished pulling cupping. You cannot go straight up cupping, the correct method is first to a slightly tilted cupping with one hand, finger of the other hand pressing down and cupping contact the skin, make the air through the gap into the tank, separated from the jar naturally with the skin; after cupping can not immediately take a bath, because after cupping sensitive skin fragile, vulnerable to cold wind when bathing, and even lead to skin damageinflammation; after cupping if local skin itching, do not scratch, to avoid skin damage infection; should pay attention to rest after cupping, and drink a cup of warm boiling water. Winter cupping especially need to pay attention to keep warm, avoid cold air blowing. (Yang Pu)

(commissioning editor Xu Xiaohua and Yang Di)

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