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The status of wormwood in the daily life of the general public has become increasingly prominent in the wormwood was first seen in ancient agrostology books "" Book Mingyi bielu, said: "Ai Yesheng field, March 3rd, exposure to dry", the book the wormwood of this plant is one of the important Chinese herbal medicine, it can be seen everywhere, but the best in the "March 3rd" picking is the best medicine. From now on bencaology survey shows that AI has distributed in most areas of Northeast China, North China, central China, East China and Southern China, and because it looks like the stem of Artemisia, many local people make it known as the "".

"Compendium of Materia Medica", bitter wormwood, tepid, non-toxic, attending all kinds of moxibustion. Can be fried, cure diarrhea, sore, and lower blood blood leakage, Li Yin, the muscle, turned cold, the son." At the same time, Li Shizhen also cited "age Jingchu" said: "five days may not chicken Ming, Cai AI who embrace like humanoid and take, to receive moxibustion, very check....... Hanging in the household, can let the gas.". Therefore, the medicinal value of AI is mainly reflected in three aspects: one is used for moxibustion, the ancients believed that "moxibustion sickness"; the two is the people in the Dragon Boat Festival by hanging fresh wormwood, or burning dry to avoid dark mugwort, Quxie; three is with the leaves to boil water for oral treatment in gynecological diseases, such as vomiting, diarrhea, irregular menstruation, infertility, pruritus vulvae wet sore syndrome.

All kinds of moxibustion documented for external treatment of wormwood has two thousand years of history, and is the earliest use of moxa moxibustion. Classics of Chinese medicine "Neijing", unearthed in Mawangdui Han silk "fifty-two Prescriptions" are on the use of Moxa Moxibustion the specific position of a body to achieve the purpose of treating disease. Such as the use of moxibustion for treatment of cervical spondylosis in clinical curative effect is sure, the most commonly used acupoints is tachui. The hole in the lower part of the neck, seventh cervical spinous process of the depression, that is when we bow, the back of the neck below the central spine raised. The clinical commonly used cyclotron moxibustion combined with bird pecking moxibustion method combined application, usually 15~20 minutes for a time. General 1 times a day, 7 times for a course of treatment. Old friends have this need, can go to the clinic or the implementation steps at home, but should pay special attention to timely burning moxa stick on ash shake clean, so as not to burn the skin.

In addition, for young female friends, there is a magical wormwood is the treatment of dysmenorrhea. Chinese medicine believes that the cold contraction, no pain, and wormwood has the efficacy of Qi and blood, expel the cold and by the temperature, very symptomatic treatment of dysmenorrhea. Clinical often choose points is the point Sanyinjiao in the medial lower leg, ankle foot 3 inch tip position, if it is the patient's own points, can be used on the side of the hand on the inner side of the leg, the palm edge and the medial malleolus is flat, the upper leg is the location of the middle of the Acupoint Moxibustion Treatment of Sanyinjiao. Can effectively alleviate dysmenorrhea.

The ancients believed that the role of disease prevention, Quxie burning smoke and wormwood, modern research has proved that kill bacteria, plague prevention effect of moxa smoke, a variety of infectious and epidemic diseases of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses have inhibitory effect. With the development of science, research on wormwood more deeply, the wormwood contains a special volatile oil called moxa leaf oil, has antiasthmatic, expectorant, antibacterial, anti allergic, sedative and other effects.

Chen AI is the best either "moxibustion wormwood diseases, or boil water as wormwood decoction, the ancients believed that we must choose Chen Aicai. Here the "Chen" refers to the store in a dry and ventilated place fresh dried wormwood, after two or three years, not moldy, faint fragrance and smell of wormwood. Choose this kind of wormwood, made of moxa topical can achieve the role of warm and cold, "moxibustion sickness" purposes; from boiling water to warm the lower oral treatment of various gynecological diseases in coke. Visible everywhere wormwood, which carries the rich traditional culture, but also has a variety of effects, is the essential spirit of grass every family. (Ren Hongli)

(commissioning editor Xu Xiaohua and Yang Di)

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