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Cold snap, increase the risk of stroke! Collect these ten tips

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Editor's note: "health is the capital of revolution", but in the busy life, we are often busy with work, eager to socialize, but ignore the health of this treasure Feng shui. In fact, usually pay attention to early prevention, health is on our side. People's health network launched "" health "knew" general column, specially for you to collect health knowledge usually ignored, do you think tank health, together with you will be healthy in the end!

Cold snap! More significantly increased the risk of stroke

Recently, cold wave attack all over the country, the central meteorological station 12 June 5 06 continue to release a cold blue warning, North China Jiangnan cooling 8-10 C group of Professor Kan Haidong's study proved that public health College of Fudan University, extreme temperature (cold or heat) can significantly increase the risk of China's residents died of a stroke!

Professor Kan Haidong explained that the extreme high temperature, the effect of relatively brief duration, generally 3 to 4 days after the disappearance of health hazards; but the extreme low temperature impact stroke effect duration longer, up to 15 to 20 days, that is to say the cold harm is more durable than heatwave.

Stroke, early detection!

Stroke identification "1-2-0" three-step method The "1 represents", "see 1 asymmetric face"; "2" on behalf of "two arms are unilateral weakness"; "0" represents "(zero) to listen to the speech is clear". If the three step observation of patients with suspected stroke, immediately call the emergency phone 120.

Warm Raiders, do it!

Warm clothing is divided into three layers

Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, deputy chief physician Zhu Xinyi pointed out that many people think that the day is cold wear more, but wrapped in thick bulky nor warm. A loose outer dressing formula: in the post closing. The underwear is best super soft, helps to increase heat preservation. Strong, hygroscopic clothing middle not too tight, keep dry. The coat must have shut the wind, the best design in the neckline, cuffs, waist and ankles, can prevent cold air swoop.

The warmth is not a dress or a few clothes can get out of the insulation and. Because of the air layer between the two layers of clothes, can play the function of heat insulation to prevent body heat outflow, thus more warm. Style design clothes can also affect the degree of warmth, collar, cuff opening small clothes, the air is easy to flow, is relatively warm.

The two layer is thicker than the thin is strong

It is actually not as thick cover, cover two thin layer is more warm. Because of the warm quilt depends on the amount of air inside. If the bed cover two layer is thin, the equivalent in the two layer of quilt creates a "air layer", increase the thermal effect of the quilt, the effect of 1+1>2. If the quilt is made of the same materials, the same weight of two thin is certainly better than a thick is warm. [details]

Brain stroke prevention received these ten tips

Hospital acupuncture rehabilitation director Professor Zhou Guoping warned of integrative medicine at the Southern Medical University, following the basic "way", can avoid more than 80% of the stroke tragedy.

The prevention of brain: home to do so

1. eat more eggs, fish. These foods can provide omega-3 fatty acids, neurotransmitters, amino acids, lecithin, manufacturing of raw materials. Accordingly, contains large amounts of trans fatty acids in vegetable salad sauce, cream, potato chips, cookies, French fries and other foods to eat as much as possible.

More than 2. of brain food. Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, rice, buckwheat is a good choice. The effect is very good almond brain. Secondly, the phospholipids in walnuts, also has very good health care effect on the brain.

3. listen to music. The language of the people, calculation, analysis and other functions, from the left hemisphere of the brain and the burden of music by the right hemisphere supervisor. That usually listen to music, can promote the development of right brain function.

4. proper motion. By moving your body, your brain has to learn new skills to control the muscles, enhance the ability to judge distances and maintain body balance skills, choose a variety of exercises to exercise the brain.

5. learning new skills. An elderly person to learn new things, keep up with the young man's "trend", is not only fun, but really can make people look younger! Because the best way to learn is to keep your brain vitality. Learn a new skill will enable more brain regions to participate in activities, your memory will also play a positive role.

Rehabilitation: help patients through 5 close

First off: Fall Prevention

If the stroke rehabilitation patients fell is not small. The hospital rehabilitation department often to assess the risk of falls in patients, once identified as a high risk, the doctor will advise patients to enhance awareness of prevention, the caller should be put in reach, the wheels locked on the wheelchair, to walk with a walker, wear non slip shoes etc..

Second: the recovery of language

There are many stroke patients with language dysfunction, or aphasia, organization of discourse formation is difficult to express, or it is difficult to pronounce, slurred speech, mouth askew slobber. But these patients understand the words of others, reading newspapers, watching TV, writing and so on have no problem. This family can encourage them to read the newspaper, put the word aloud.

Third: blood vessel

Stroke will cause a series of strikes on cardiovascular patients are prone to all kinds of heart and lung dysfunction. The sooner the better to carry out rehabilitation advice vessels.

Section four: Paul cognition

Clinical about 30%~40% stroke patients with cognitive impairment. The doctor will assess the patient orientation, attention, calculation, long-term and short-term memory and other cognitive abilities, and then targeted for treatment.

Chapter 5: adjust the mood

According to statistics, the 40%~70% stroke people have anxiety and depression problems. If you do not do what is possible, patients will have a sense of futility, negative attitude, people have become lazy, don't love to talk, depression etc.. Family members often need to encourage patients to give, acceptance and love, help patients solve psychological and emotional problems. [details]

The cold weather prone stroke prevention "magic weapon" what

Deputy director of Shandong Province, Jining City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine encephalopathy department physician Zhang Xiaoxue introduction, winter is a period of high incidence of stroke, especially in the north, day and night and indoor and outdoor temperature changes, the incidence of the disease was significantly higher than that in other seasons. So cold weather, how to prevent stroke?

Control of blood pressure

Hypertension is the most important factor leading to stroke, therefore, control of hypertension is the key for the prevention of stroke. Patients with hypertension should be prescribed on time, insist on taking antihypertensive drugs, can not be stopped, the best measured 1 times daily blood pressure, especially in the adjustment of antihypertensive drugs, in order to maintain a stable blood pressure.

Quit alcohol limit

Smoking can cause vascular endothelial injury, gradually caused by increased blood lipids, blood viscosity increases, the decrease of cerebral blood flow and arterial stenosis occurred earlier, accelerated hardening. Now, smoking has become an important risk factors for cerebral infarction. A small amount of alcohol can improve blood circulation, but not a lot of drink, drink with no more than 50 grams is appropriate every day. Hypertension, coronary heart disease and cerebral arteriosclerosis disease patients is best not to drink. Because after drinking, under the influence of alcohol, the sympathetic nerve, causing vasoconstriction, increased pressure, easily lead to vascular wall rupture caused by cerebral hemorrhage.

Reasonable diet

Improper diet is an important cause of hypertension, coronary heart disease. The daily diet should be diversified, light, less salt, less fat, eat more fruits and vegetables in season. At the same time to the appropriate intake of protein, such as milk, soy products, fish, meat, eggs. Prohibited eating and drinking, overeating, especially meat and pasta dinner to limit and control weight. Dry winter, should drink plenty of water, boiling water and tea should be white.

Peace of mind

Patients with cardiovascular disease should control the mood, avoid emotional. To reduce tension, anxiety, and maintain a calm state of mind. Herbaltreatment daily available liver qi, calming, such as chrysanthemum, lily, lotus leaf, rose tea. [details]

After myocardial infarction, three months are susceptible to stroke

Avoid MI, should also pay attention to prevent stroke, because of increased risk of stroke after myocardial infarction will be, and will continue for 3 months. This is a new study at the Cornell University School of Medicine concluded, this result also amended the previous information shows "myocardial infarction within 1 months after the stroke, increase the risk of" point of view.

The traditional view of myocardial infarction patients after stroke risk was higher than in normal people, about 1 months or so. Assistant Professor Connell College of medicine, Dr. Alexander Meckler and colleagues analyzed data, more than 4.6 acute myocardial infarction patients over the age of 65 after a heart attack of the outpatient and inpatient results within 12 weeks after myocardial infarction, stroke risk increased. Among them, within 4 weeks of the highest risk, up to 2.7 times; during 5~8 weeks, increased risk rate has remained at more than 2 times; the risk of 9~12 weeks is usually 1.6 times. Dr. Alexander Meckler believes that the relationship between acute myocardial infarction and stroke is the result of many factors, the heart may be within the thrombus with blood to the blood vessels in the brain, may also be a systemic inflammatory response after myocardial infarction had effect on blood vessels in the brain. He stressed that the latest research results will change people's opinions on the relationship between myocardial infarction with stroke. [details]

Men do not have good sleep more easily stroke

Several studies have shown that sleep too much or too little will increase the risk of stroke. The American Academy of Neurology journal "Neurology" published a new study shows that poor sleep quality influence on the risk of stroke and Gender and race are related.

In the adjustment of the factors of smoking, diabetes, heart disease and stroke risk, the researchers found that the sleep time is too long, white men, the risk of stroke than the normal sleep up to 70% men. No matter how race, women sleep duration differences on the risk of stroke was not affected. Dr. Howard said, the specific mechanism of this result needs to be further explored, but the sleep time is too long in older men to strengthen the monitoring of cardiovascular risk factors is very important. [details]

With food! Eat a banana can prevent stroke

A study shows that eating bananas every day can reduce the chance of stroke. Banana is one of the highest fruit K, eaten in moderation is beneficial to control the blood pressure.

Food and nutrition engineering master Li Ran: "the study of the American College of Cardiology" magazine pointed out that each meal to eat a banana can make the risk of stroke is reduced by 21%. The cause of stroke associated with hypertension in 60%, and every 100 grams of banana potassium 256 mg, a banana potassium content is about 500 milligrams of sodium, and the content is relatively low, to help lower blood pressure. [details]

The slender, very beautiful! Easy stroke

The fine is many women to pursue, but the leg is too small but women are more likely to suffer a stroke.

Researchers believe that if the calf circumference is bigger, it means that the position of the subcutaneous fat from the blood is thick, will attract more fatty acids and stored, thereby reducing the possibility of stroke. If the female calf Wai is too small, less than 33 cm, then they will exist in the atheromatous plaque more, this is one of the important factors caused by stroke. [details]

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