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There are nine risk factors of thrombosis five times water anti thrombus

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Editor's note: in daily life, often heard this, a good one morning wake up, hemianesthesia, speak slurred speech, to the hospital for a check, "cerebral infarction"; one day someone finished the surgery rehabilitation well prepared before discharge after lunch that day to go to the toilet, a sudden chest pain and shortness of breath. Fall in the bathroom, then unconscious, expert consultation considering postoperative pulmonary embolism". These scenes have a common "killer" -- thrombosis. Today people's health network tell us about what thrombus.

How is the formation of thrombus

The thrombus put is "blood", it is like a plug had blocked blood vessels of various parts of the body channel, leading organs without blood supply, causing sudden death. Thrombus formation leads to cerebral infarction in blood vessels in the brain, produced on the formation of myocardial infarction in coronary artery, to the lungs is blocked "pulmonary embolism".

Why thrombosis in our bodies? There is a coagulation and anticoagulation system in human blood. Under normal circumstances, the two keep dynamic balance in order to ensure the normal blood flow in blood vessels, preventing the formation of thrombus. But in special circumstances, such as blood flow slows, blood coagulation factor disease, vascular injury, coagulation hyperfunction or anticoagulant function weakened, it will break the balance, the people in the prethrombotic state".

After the onset, most prothrombotic, does not have any symptoms and feelings, even to the hospital cardiovascular specialist to do routine examination, blood lipid, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, CT all showed normal index.

Due to thrombosis before the onset of the extremely subtle, after the onset of severe symptoms, and most of them are in the quiet under the condition of disease, therefore, very important to actively prevent the incidence of thrombosis. [details]

There are nine risk factors of thrombosis

1. smoking. Smoking can lead to atherosclerosis, although invisible, but studies show that the vascular wall of smokers become inflamed and damaged. Smokers of certain proteins (especially fibrinogen) content will increase, so the blood becomes more sticky.

2. oral contraceptives. The estrogen containing oral contraceptives will change the blood components, make it more prone to clotting, leading to increase the likelihood of medication with venous thrombosis. If oral contraceptive use and smoking, the risk of thrombosis will be further increased.

3. varices. The formation of varicose veins and blood reflux, which can cause inflammation around the ankle injury, venous wall, and cause a variety of problems including thrombosis, hemorrhage and skin damage, etc..

4. operation. The surgery is leading to a recognized cause of deep venous thrombosis, especially in abdominal surgery or hip replacement patients. There are many reasons, such as the patient should be at least 6 hours before surgery, hungry, the body dehydrated; after general anesthesia to supine position for a long period of time etc..

5. long flight. Venous thrombosis caused by the long flight, also known as the "economy class syndrome", this is a long time to sit on the seat, lack of exercise caused by changes in blood flow caused by. In addition, the cabin is pressurized and hypoxia may promote thrombosis.

The 6. activity is too little. When people long time to concentrate, will keep the sedentary state, the accumulation of blood clot formation.

7. dehydration. Excessive sweating and illness (including vomiting and diarrhea have a fever, flu, etc.) will cause dehydration, dehydration will significantly change blood components.

8. tumor. In recent years, the screening of patients with deep vein thrombosis of the National Institutes of Health recommended unexplained may hide tumor. According to statistics, people over the age of 40, if the deep vein thrombosis of unexplained, their chances of suffering from malignant tumor was 10%.

9. family history. There are a lot of blood proteins involved in the coagulation process of normal, but some families have the mutation, leading to family members are more likely to suffer from thrombosis. [details]

"Move away from thrombosis"

Beijing Tsinghua director of vascular surgery at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Professor Wu Weiwei stressed, to stay away from thrombosis, "move" is the most effective prevention and control measures.

Each sitting for an hour, the risk of deep vein thrombosis will increase 10%, sit for more than 90 minutes to make your knee blood circulation is reduced by 50%. But this does not mean that can not prevent venous thrombosis. Wu Weiwei suggested: "want to stay away from the venous thromboembolism, the key is to take effective preventive measures, more exercise, can effectively prevent the formation of venous thrombosis."

Wu Weiwei also warned that many seriously ill patients need long time stay in bed, every three or four hours to help the patient family the best massage legs every 30 minutes; or once every two hours, every 15 minutes massage. Can also use inflatable massage chair special instead of manual massage, promote blood circulation, reduce the risk of thrombosis.

Sedentary, driving or flying to bend the knee, leading to poor blood circulation. It will take a little time to stand up and stretch the legs. If the work is not easy to stand up, there is a hidden method, that is "boleos". For office workers, every 90 minutes, it should remind myself to "hook". The method is to check the legs straight, feet 10, speed and rhythm are not strictly required, it can promote the leg blood flow.

How to determine whether they are at risk?

Legs and lungs of the thrombosis can occur at any age people. Some people don't have some warning signs or symptoms. So, for each person, what form of risk factors, symptoms, specific events or conditions can cause or trigger thrombosis is very important.

Long time hospitalization will lead to more than 2/3 in patients with thrombosis of the leg. This is the primary cause of preventable death in hospital.

Surgery especially hip or knee surgery, and cancer surgery, will bring greater risk to the patient.

Long time no motion: for example, to stay in bed for long-distance travel or not stand up or back and forth will increase your risk.

Other risk factors include cannot control:

Pregnant woman: if pregnant women are obese or high blood lipids, can make blood viscosity; if there are varicose veins, and pregnancy, so the risk of venous thromboembolism will be higher. Not just medication during pregnancy, then wear elastic stockings (vein Qu Zhangwa) for lower extremity edema, is very good.

Age: 80 year old people to bear risk is 40 people 5 to 6 times.

Family history: the family had an increased risk of thrombosis, venous thrombosis.

Obese people suffering from obesity: the risk of venous thromboembolism is non obese 2 to 3 times. [details]

Five times water for preventing thrombus

After getting up. The morning is the human body physiological blood pressure time, increased platelet reactivity, and sleep a night of sleep, urination, skin evaporation and respiratory were to make a lot of water loss, increased blood viscosity. Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, Department of clinical nutrition nutritionist Xia Pengbin said, get up after drinking water helps reduce blood viscosity, so as to reduce the risk of thrombosis. In general, milk, fruit juice, ice water and salt, are not suitable as the first morning cup of water to drink, warm white boiling water is the best choice.

Before and after exercise. Many people are in the habit of doing morning exercises after the drink, Xia Pengbin remind, should drink a small amount of water before the morning, this can reduce the risk of dehydration, blood viscosity caused by exercise, which helps prevent thrombosis.

Half an hour after a meal. After a meal do not drink water immediately, otherwise it will dilute, dilute the saliva and gastric juice, the protease activity decreased, affecting digestion and absorption. Advice again half an hour after a meal of drinking water, 200 ml, helps relieve the elevated postprandial blood viscosity. But to sip, otherwise, a large number of drinking water to frequent heartburn. Easy heartburn people should 2~3 hours after meals, every 20~30 minutes to drink 3~4 mouth.

Before you off your duty. Commuters often ignore the drinking water because of busy eight hours of work, so as to provide an opportunity for thrombus invasion. That these people form the habit of drinking a few cups of slobber before work, a sufficient amount of, don't drink too much, otherwise easily on the way to work "urgency".

Before going to bed. Bedtime should both SIP slobber to sleep. Because when people sleep, the body of water will be lost, resulting in reduced blood in the water, high blood viscosity. Before going to the appropriate drink, can alleviate the phenomenon, thereby reducing the risk of cerebral thrombosis. In addition, the elderly bedtime is best at the bedside standing a cup of water, thirsty to drink a few mouthfuls immediately. [details]

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