This kind of food to eat in winter two diseases make a detour

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The beginning of winter, mean winter officially arrived, vegetation withered, and thoroughfare dormancy, all activities tend to rest. This time what to eat? How to eat healthy? Today, we'll come and talk.

Winter to eat taro disease detour

Nowadays a large number of listed taro, it is dark brown round, the surface is not smooth, skin have different lengths of burr, although looks a bit ugly, but it is a very high medicinal value of food. Chinese medicine, sweet Xin Ping, with Xiaoluo Sanjie, laxative detoxification, spleen qi, Tim lean marrow of function. The "Southern Yunnan Materia Medica" "taro treatment gas shortage, Jiufu tonifying the liver and kidney, Tim lean marrow" records. Long term consumption, for thyroid nodules, myoma of uterus, ovarian cyst, breast hyperplasia, subcutaneous lipoma, fibroma, liver, renal cyst, chronic lymphadenitis and various malignant tumors have certain prevention and adjuvant therapy.

Anti tumor swelling

According to the Chinese medicine "analogy" theory, taro head like tumor, with detumescence, anti tumor effect against cancer. Taro Zhongfu contains abundant mucin, can produce immune globulin, improve immunity. Can be used as a common staple in cancer prevention, cancer surgery and postoperative radiotherapy, chemotherapy and rehabilitation process, also has the role of adjuvant therapy.


Taro contains abundant mucus saponin and a variety of trace elements can promote appetite and help digestion, adjuvant therapy for lassitude, listlessness, shortness of breath, sweating, repeated colds, premature aging.

The prevention and treatment of gout

Chinese medicine believes that the taro head has detumescence function. Taro is alkaline food, can neutralize acid accumulation, coordinate the body's acid-base balance, can relieve joint pain and other symptoms in patients with gout.

Firming skin

Taro is rich in collagen, the stick slip of the prevention and treatment of a premature wrinkles, moisturize the skin, enhance skin elasticity, can play a compact skin, anti-aging purposes.

Eat apples with a day.

Chinese medicine believes that apple sweet cold, sour, jianpiyangwei, thirst, lungs and skin, soothe the nerves, Chufan Jieshu sober, calming liver Yang, phlegm purging fire, Runchang antidiarrheal function. If you insist on eating an apple every day, there are very good for health.

Whitening Lotion

Apple contains more magnesium, pectin, vitamin C, helps to eliminate the toxins in the body tissues and organs, soluble nutrients in Apple big, easily absorbed, is conducive to dissolve sulfur, keep skin moisture, smooth and soft, ruddy and shiny.

Fat thin

Apple contains a lot of malic acid, can promote the accumulation of fat in the human body decomposition, apple can increase gastric satiety, is the best food for the hungry. If obese patients eat only one apple a day instead of dinner, two weeks can see unexpected weight loss.

Sedative and hypnotic

Phosphorus and iron elements contained in the apple, easily absorbed by the bowel wall, with brain blood, tranquilizing the role of sleep. The aroma of apples is to prevent depression medicine, containing 92% aroma components in 6% alcohols, carbonyl compounds, its rich aroma of human nerve calming effect is very strong, will make the spirit of relaxation, drowsy.

Reduce blood fat

Apple is rich in apple polyphenol, can significantly reduce the content of serum cholesterol, triglyceride, high density lipoprotein cholesterol, low density lipoprotein cholesterol, high blood lipids can eat 1~2 apples every day, will have the effect of lowering.

Clean the mouth

Apple in the tannic acid helps prevent periodontal disease and decompose stains, make teeth restoration of bright white, crude fiber can be swept away in the mouth of food residue, laborious act of chewing can stimulate saliva secretion, to achieve the natural cleaning effect.

Enhance digestion

Apple contains organic acids can promote gastric acid secretion, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis speed. Containing dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerate all colon and gastrointestinal operation, so as to promote food digestion.

Enhance memory

Apple is rich in zinc, can promote brain development, enhance memory, in addition, apple can provide the appropriate amount of antioxidant, promote ACh, helps nerve cells transmit information to each other, very helpful to memory. Apple can enhance the thinking, promote memory, reduce the incidence of Alzheimer's disease.

Eliminate fatigue

Apple contains large amounts of citric acid, malic acid and fructose. Citric acid and malic acid can be decomposed into fatigue fatigue substances lactic acid, when feeling can be appropriate to eat apples, have good effect of preventing fatigue and restore vitality.

Winter tonic three on the formulas of five dishes

Three formulas: young, middle-aged and elderly heavy, heavy

The beginning of winter into the "fill" to It differs from man to man. Wang Xuemei mentioned, people don't have the body of men and women, old and young (physical), have the actual situation was not identified, TCM principles should be: a young, middle-aged and elderly heavy, heavy.

That is to say, young Yang Masamori, in fact, can not fill, or small; and middle-aged people make corresponding nursing according to recent physical condition, such as the recent very tired, the body loss is too large to mend; now the elderly often suffer from various chronic diseases, should attach importance to the protection of. For example, the beginning of winter season, temperature changes, hypertension and coronary heart disease should pay attention to keep warm, regular medication, reduce sweating and other physical activity; cervical spondylosis, suffering from lumbar disease patients should pay attention to local warmth, do some gentle exercise, such as Tai Chi, eight section brocade exercise regimen, these are reflected the "old shigeyasu" concept.

Wang Xuemei further described the tonic to find the dialectic of Chinese medicine practitioners, can not clean up, warming and nourishing, small fill, no order of priority together, so not only can not achieve the purpose of tonic, or even lose, unnecessary harm to the body.

In fact, in clinic, each person's situation is different, some people in the Qing Dynasty as supplement, some people pass up, some people with dampness to fill, is not only Nourishing Qi, nourishing yin and Yangcai is up, or according to the specific age.

Five dishes:

Leek fried eel

Leek since ancient times "vegetable meat" reputation, winter consumption can not only removing wind and dampness, the joint pain relieving effect. China professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences Yang Li, eel is the temperature of food, can nourish liver and kidney, Qi and blood, strong bones and muscles. Winter kidney, leek fried eel is very good, but it is not easy for people to eat more heavy.

This dish must be washed and cut into inch sections of eel with ginger juice, at least for 10 minutes (remove the smell). The eel fry, add leek. Because there is a parasite metacercaria of oromaxillary nematode body eel, if not cooked thoroughly, there is a risk of infection, and therefore must be mouth nematode, stir fry. In addition, choose a long plump, lively, bright yellow color, too old or too small are not too good, of course, do not buy the dead eel.

Jujube sesame porridge

The people's Liberation Army 309 Hospital nutrition director Zuo Xiaoxia said, after the beginning of winter weather is cold, some kidney deficiency of the people will feel cold hands and feet. I recommend drinking red dates black sesame porridge, can quickly warm the body, also helps the body microcirculation, especially suitable for cold hands or constipation. In addition, rutin in red dates can soften blood vessels, and camp improve immunity and anti-cancer effect; black sesame not only can kidney, nourish the skin, hair is also a good effect. High blood lipid can also add buckwheat or oat grains rich in dietary fiber with edible congee.

Red dates are warm food, eat more easy to get angry, 3~5 per person per day is appropriate. Pick the black sesame when twist by hand, if the fading may be dyed, can also pinch, there should be a white sesame natural.

Mutton and carrot soup

The cold wind, mutton fat, winter tonic, mutton is preferred. Mutton Spleen Qi effect, while the radish is cold food, and mutton collocation, called the winter tonic.

Beijing Electric Power Hospital nutrition nutritionist Cui Jun said, Stewed Mutton white radish soup is very suitable for winter drink. The lamb cuts into the cold water and slowly heated (if a start into boiling water, is not conducive to the discharge of impurities in the meat after boiling water), remove; add water and green onions, ginger, aniseed stewed radish can be quickly cooked in. Pay attention to salt in the fast before the pan put salt, will lead to premature cooked meat is not easy.

Boiled peanuts

Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, deputy director of gynecology physician Zhu Mei, deficiency of Qi and blood and women seem to be more "intimate". The famous doctor Zhu Danxi said that "women's Yin often insufficient, Yang often more" because the female life, by belt, tire, production, milk, all need to lose a lot of blood and body fluid, namely yin.

So compared with men, women need to supplement qi and blood. Because blood consumption is often the cause of women blood loss, so the raw material of iron blood is particularly important for women to iron the blood.

Peanut is invigorating qi and blood "medicine", especially in women after menstruation, need to supplement iron loss. But it is best to use water, nourishing Yin effect. Deep-Fried Peanuts high oil content, eat more also easy to "get angry".

Stewed beef

Blood deficiency often will find a man. Especially the modern man under great pressure, the job is busy, not the law of life, it is prone to dark blood loss. Compared to women, men with some more. At work, holding on, a work, then God body tired, didn't want to budge. Compared to women, men's activity, therefore, can The new supersedes the old. quickly, eat some meat to eat, love of flesh and blood products can supplement qi and blood more than vegetables. Partial dry mutton, beef better. It is appropriate to clear, the Chinese say "water" Yin, the meat should not eat barbecue.

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