In winter, eat these two kinds of food diseases and make a detour.

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The beginning of winter means the advent of winter, the withering of vegetation, the dormancy of insects, and the continuous movement of all things. What do you eat at this time? How can I eat to keep fit? Today, we will have a chat with you.

Eating taro disease in winter

Now taro is listed on a large scale. It is dark brown and round, with a smooth surface and a long burr with different skins. Although it looks a bit ugly, it is a food with high medicinal value. Chinese medicine believes that the taste of Gan Xin, sex Ping, with the elimination of scattered scattered knot, defecate detoxification, replenishing qi and strengthening spleen, add the function of lean marrow. "The herbal medicine in South Yunnan" has the record of "taro treatment for deficiency of Qi, long serving for liver and kidney, and adding lean marrow". Long term consumption can prevent and assist thyroid nodules, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, breast hyperplasia, subcutaneous lipoma, fibroma, liver and kidney cysts, chronic lymphadenitis and various malignant tumors.

Detumescence and anti-tumor

According to the theory of "image analogy", the head image of Mao taro is like tumor, which has the function of dispersing and removing swelling and preventing cancer and tumor. Hair taro is rich in mucinous proteins, which can produce immunoglobulin and enhance immunity. It can be used as a staple food for cancer prevention and treatment. It also has adjuvant therapy in cancer operation or postoperative radiotherapy, chemotherapy and rehabilitation.

Invigorating the middle and replenishing qi

Taro is rich in mucus saponin and a variety of trace elements, which can increase appetite and help digestion. It is suitable for auxiliary treatment of mental fatigue, mental exhaustion, shortness of breath, sweating, repeated cold and premature aging.

Prevention and treatment of gout

Chinese medicine believes that the hair taro head has the function of eliminating swelling and dispersing knots. Taro is an alkaline food. It can neutralize acidic substances accumulated in the body, coordinate the acid-base balance of human body, and relieve symptoms such as swelling and pain in patients with gout.

Compact skin

Taro is rich in collagen, and its sticky skid can prevent wrinkles from occurring early, keep skin moisture and enhance skin elasticity, and it can compact skin and delay senility.

Eat apple trouble every day and make a detour.

Chinese medicine believes that apple is sweet and cool, slightly acidic, and has the functions of invigorating the spleen, nourishing the stomach, promoting fluid and thirst, moistening the lung and rejuvenating skin, relieving restlessness, relieving summer heat, sobering up the liver, suppressing phlegm, purging fire and relieving diarrhea. If you insist on eating an apple a day, it will be very good for your health.

Whitening and moisturizing

Apple contains more magnesium, pectin and vitamin C, which helps to eliminate toxins from tissues and organs. Apple has a large amount of soluble nutrients and is easily absorbed by human body. It is good for dissolving sulfur, keeping skin moisture, soft and ruddy.

Weight loss and body weight reduction

Apple contains a large amount of malic acid, can promote the accumulation of fat in the body decomposition, apple can also increase the appetite of the stomach, is the best food for starvation. Obese patients only eat one apple a day instead of dinner, and two weeks can see unexpected weight loss.

Tranquilizing the mind and inducing hypnosis

Apple contains phosphorus and iron and other elements, easily absorbed by the intestinal wall, which has the function of nourishing the brain, nourishing blood, and tranquilizing the mind. Apple aroma is a good medicine to prevent depression. Its aroma components contain 92% alcohol and 6% carbonyl compounds. Its strong aroma has strong sedative effect on human nerves, and it can make people relax mentally and urge people to sleep.

Lowering blood lipid

Apple is rich in apple polyphenols, which can significantly reduce triglyceride, cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholesterol in serum. Those who have high blood fat can insist on eating 1~2 apples a day, which can reduce blood lipid.

Clean mouth

Tannic acid in Apple helps prevent periodontitis and decompose stains, so that the teeth can be restored bright and white. Coarse fibers can sweep away the food residue in the mouth, and the action of laborious chewing can stimulate saliva secretion, so as to achieve the natural cleaning effect.

Enhanced digestion

The organic acids contained in apples can promote gastric acid secretion and speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis. Dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility, accelerate the operation of the colon and all gastrointestinal tract, and promote food digestion.

Enhance memory

Apple is rich in zinc, can promote brain development, enhance memory, in addition, apple can provide an appropriate amount of antioxidants, promote the production of acetylcholine, helps nerve cells to transmit information, and is very helpful for memory. Eating apples can enhance thinking, promote memory and reduce the incidence of Alzheimer's disease.

Eliminate fatigue

Apples contain a large amount of citric acid, malic acid and fructose. Citric acid and malic acid can decompose fatigue substances lactic acid. When you feel tired, you can eat apples in moderation. It has a good effect on preventing fatigue and restoring vitality.

In winter, there are three pithy formulas and five dishes.

Three pithy formula: juvenile rejuvenate, middle-aged retune, elderly reinsurance

The beginning of winter is different from that of others. Wang Xuemei mentioned that there are differences between men, women, old and young people, and the body (constitution) has the difference between deficiency, excess, cold and heat. The principle of health preserving in traditional Chinese medicine should be: rejuvenating young people, resetting middle-aged people, and rejuvenating old people.

That is to say, young Yang Qi is flourishing, which can not be supplementation or supplementation, and middle-aged people should make corresponding conditioning according to their recent physical condition. For example, they are very tired recently, and their body loss is too great. They need to make up for a supplement. Nowadays, the elderly often suffer from many chronic diseases, and more attention should be paid to protection. For example, during the winter season, temperature changes, hypertension, coronary heart disease patients should pay more attention to keeping warm, regular medication, reduce sweating and other physical activities; patients with cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis should pay attention to local warmth, and do some gentle exercises, such as practicing Taijiquan, eight section brocade and other health exercises, all of which reflect the concept of "old age heavy protection".

Wang Xuemei further introduced that supplements should be made by Chinese medicine practitioners for differentiation of symptoms and signs, not clearing up, warming up, supplementing and supplementing, and putting priorities together.

In fact, in clinical practice, each person's situation is different. Some people make up for the sake of clearing, some people make up for others. Some people use phlegm and dampness as supplement.

The five course:

Fried rice eel with leek

Since ancient times, leek has the reputation of "vegetable meat". Winter consumption can not only remove wind and dampness, but also relieve pain in joints. Professor Yang Li, Professor of Chinese Academy of Chinese medicine, introduced that Monopterus albus is a warm food that can supplement liver and kidney, replenish qi and blood, and strengthen bones and muscles. In winter, kidney and leek fried rice eel are very good, but those with heavy fire are not easy to eat.

To make this dish, first wash the eel, cut it into an inch, and ginger it for at least 10 minutes (remove the fishy smell). First fry the eel, then add the leek. Because there is a parasite of the eel worm in the field eel, if it is not thoroughly cooked, it will be at risk of infection with the jaws. Therefore, it must be fry. In addition, it is not very good to choose a longer, more lively, bright yellow, too old or too small. Of course, do not buy dead eel.

Red dates and sesame porridge

Zuo Xiaoxia, director of the Nutrition Department of 309 Hospital of the PLA, said that the weather became colder after winter and some people with insufficient kidney energy felt cold. I recommend drinking red dates and black sesame gruel, which can quickly warm the body and help the body's microcirculation, especially for those with cold feet or constipation. In addition, rutin in jujube can soften blood vessels, while cyclic adenosine monophosphate can improve immunity and anti-cancer. Black sesame can not only nourish the kidney, nourish the skin, but also has good protective effects. High blood fat can also add buckwheat or oats and other rich grains rich in dietary fiber for congee consumption.

Red dates are warm food and easy to get angry. 3~5 per person per day is appropriate. Pick black sesame seeds and twist them with your hands. If they fade, they may be dyed or pinched. Natural sesame seeds should be white.

Mutton and radish soup

In the cold wind, mutton is the best choice for lamb and winter. Mutton has the function of replenishing spleen and replenishing qi, and radish is a cool food, matching with mutton, so it can be called "winter supplement".

Cui Jun, a nutritionist at Beijing Electric Power Hospital, said the stewed mutton and white radish soup are very suitable for drinking in winter. Cut the mutton into cold water and heat it slowly. (if you start boiling in boiling water, it is not conducive to the impurities in the meat). After the water is boiled, remove it. Then add hot water and stew with scallion, ginger and star anise. Note that salt should be put out before the pot is ready. Salt will lead to premature stew.

Boiled peanuts

Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital, deputy director of Gynecology, Zhu Mei, Qi and blood deficiency seems to be more intimate with women. Zhu Danxi, a famous doctor in Yuan Dynasty, once said, "women are often deficient in Yin and often in excess of Yang", because women need to lose a lot of blood and body fluid in their life cycle, belt, fetus, production and milk.

So women need more energy and blood than men. Because the consumption of Qi and blood is often the cause of women's loss of Qi and blood, iron is particularly important for hematopoietic material.

Peanuts are "good medicine" to supplement qi and blood, especially after the menstrual period of women. But it is best to boil with water to replenish Yin. Fried peanuts oil content is high, eat more, but also easy to "get angry."

Stewed beef

Qi and blood deficiency often find men. In particular, modern men are under great pressure, busy at work, and irregular in life. Men have more energy than women. When I was at work, I was so tired that when I got off work, I was exhausted and tired of moving. Compared with women, men have a large amount of activity and fast metabolism. Therefore, they can eat more meat to supplement their blood and meat. Mutton is too dry and beef is better. It is advisable to use clear stew. Chinese medicine says "water is done" to fill Yin, and barbecued beef and mutton should not be eaten more.

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