What is the disease of cerebral insufficiency

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Physical examination or doctor, people often hear the word "cerebral insufficiency". Insufficient blood supply to the brain is going on, is not a kind of disease? This is in fact according to the reasons, distinction.

Cerebral insufficiency is a concept put forward in 50s of last century. At first, foreign scholars have inadequate systemic blood pressure or cerebral vascular stenosis caused by various reasons of the flow of blood to the brain, are known as cerebral insufficiency, can cause temporary nerve dysfunction. But with further study on cerebrovascular etiology and pathogenesis, the concept of transient ischemic attack (TIA) replaced by another name for it is a transient ischemic attack. Medicine is no longer in use in diagnosis of cerebral insufficiency.

A transient ischemic attack is caused by brain dysfunction in a short period of time to reduce the local cerebral blood flow, symptoms usually last a few minutes or hours, but not more than 24 hours, premonitory symptoms of acute cerebral infarction. Up to 1/3 patients with exacerbations and progression to acute cerebral infarction, sustained remission. It was vividly described as a transient ischemic attack "warning event", as early medical intervention can largely avoid the occurrence of acute cerebral infarction.

Expression of transient ischemic attacks are of two main types: anterior circulation (carotid artery) ischemic attack, clinical symptoms include amaurosis, speech, monocular Kouyanwaixie, limb numbness, limb weakness; posterior circulation (vertebrobasilar ischemic attack), clinical symptoms include vertigo or dizziness, abnormal visual acuity (including partial physical defect or side amaurosis, eyes teichopsia etc.), double vision and walking instability or walking deviation, standing instability, swallowing, cough, talking big tongue, side limb weakness or numbness, tinnitus or hearing impairment patients. Because the brain nerve cells are extremely sensitive to ischemia, there will be more than 5 minutes so dysfunction, TIA is often sudden onset, the blood supply of brain recovery after the symptoms can disappear gradually.

The most common cause of transient cerebral ischemia is the neck artery or cerebral artery stenosis, if large artery stenosis causes, symptoms are often heavier. Heart disease can also lead to transient cerebral ischemia, including atrial fibrillation, valvular disease, patent foramen ovale, atrial myxoma, cardiomyopathy, such symptoms are often more acute onset, immediately after reaching the state, and often in the activities of disease. In addition, small long-term hypertension and diabetes can cause vascular stenosis or occlusion, can sometimes lead to a transient ischemic attack, but relatively mild.

Recommendations of the above symptoms of vigilance, as soon as possible to the regular hospital, avoid disease progression. If the underlying disease, must be in the usual targeted lowering lipid and blood pressure, glucose control, smoking cessation, improve the bad habits of two grade prevention and treatment. In addition, the crowd had a transient ischemic attack to avoid spa, and excessive sweating, diarrhea, high fever, while not eating too full, blood pressure is too low, so as not to aggravate the brain blood supply. 3

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