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Editor's note: boys and girls, whether physical or personality are different, parents should seize the culture characteristics, select the appropriate education method, in order to cultivate talent.

The boy said to play

Experts interviewed: Wuhan University Child Development Research Center Director Yang Jian

In the cultural background of different countries, and everyone on the boys have high expectations, but they are more likely than girls to problems in the development, such as more playful, more likely to dye Internet addiction, smoking and alcohol abuse...... Parents how to educate boys?

Expert Steve Biddulph Australia family problems summed up the 3 stages of growth before the boys.

From birth to 6 years of age, to explore the world. Wuhan University Child Development Research Center Director Yang Jian told "life times" reporter, three-dimensional thinking boy than girls growing fast, athletic ability is more and more advanced, parents need more care to ensure safety. But in the language of communication, boys than girls were later 6~12 months, they need to encourage parents, and gain confidence, active learning. 3~6 is the initial stage of personality formation of children, parental love and companionship can help the boy know feelings of warmth and trust in others.

6~13, Gender prominent stage. At this time, the boy is full of interest in sports, competition and adventure, willing to imitate men around. Yang Jian said, this stage is the child intelligence and ability leap growth, boy identity and imitate his father, the male characters into their own behavior. So, father should pay special attention to manners. But at this stage, the boy became more and more "cool", do not have the patience to exchange, through the "bad" to attract attention of parents. Love can play a role, let the boy to fully express their wishes.

14 years of age to adulthood, physical and mental changes. During this period, the boy will have a series of physiological changes, which make them generate strong consciousness, accompanied by anxiety and other emotions. Yang Jian said: "at this time, the boy want independence, also because of the lack of social experience and confused. Parents to do two things: one is to increase the communication with the boy's time to talk, more opportunities; two is to let go, the boy should be through extensive contacts with peers, establish good image and self-confidence."

UNESCO proposed four pillars of education, that is to study, learn to do, learn to cooperate, learn to survive and development. Yang Jian said that the education of children and adolescents should also use the four as the goal, but there are differences between the male and female social role, parents should pay special attention to cultivate awareness of the four boys.

Sports consciousness. Exercise is not only conducive to physical development, but also cultivate self-confidence. Boy 3~6 years old, father can bring their outing, climbing the mountain, after the age of 6 can interact with sports, such as football and basketball. In addition, in the process of movement to father told the children to win, modest, lose to be strong.

The sense of survival. Many parents think, boys more than girls to protect themselves, without the need to learn to cook, do housework. In fact, the boy also need to raise the awareness of self-protection and ability to adapt to society. After 5 years of age, parents can let the boy to help do the housework, after 10 years of learning to cook, take the housework, gradually learn to take care of themselves.

Independent consciousness. After 6 years of age, parents should be early to free the boy's activity space, such as my own room. Parents should also take care of the boy's independence, if you make a mistake but no damage to themselves and the interests of others, can open eyes closed eyes; on the other hand, parents should speak principle, harsh criticism. Note that before the age of 6, parents should tell the boy right and wrong, to state the truth after the age of 6, to help shape its correct judgments.

Healthy sex consciousness. In order to let the boy become very masculine and have to play the man, 4 years old, parents should let the boy do Gender role confirmation, such as boy to wear their clothes, playing with toys for boys; 6~13 years old, not lack of father's education; adolescence is to alert the boy all sorts of problems in the body and mind in the process of change. Parents should also contribute, help the boy to accept change and become happy, confident, brave and all-round development of man.

(Ren Linxian)

The girl to be confident

What kind of training the most important quality of the girl? CNN recently published an article that is very important for the confident girl growing up, confident will dare to express themselves, do not fear failure, can let other people see their flash point. Parents should not because it is a girl, it will be well protected, they should make appropriate challenges, self-confidence.

Appropriate to let the girl out of the comfort zone. A daughter, parents should try them in uncomfortable situations more comfortable ", let them understand the adventure is cool. For example, parents can talk about their daughter and how to deal with the risk or to never yield in spite of reverses. Encourage her daughter: "when the challenges facing the fear is normal, mom and dad will be, but to tell yourself, no matter what the risks and hardships, I will stick to."

Make a list of risks. Parents can let her write a list of the risks, their abilities, how to overcome the difficulties, which can make it strong. The final list can write something to encourage yourself, such as "I've done a similar thing, I can do it." When facing difficulties and challenges, these words can give the girl power.

Learn to distraction, look at the problem correctly. Parents want to let the girl know, but to learn to deal with failure can hardly be avoided. When things do not solve, can learn to distraction, such as reading, listening to music, or playing with a pet, such as calm and clear and then think of a way to solve. In addition, the right to look at the problem, in the face of challenges, not subjective, family and friends can listen to the views, so as to solve the problem objectively and rationally, rather than the heart.

Learn how to do their own. The parents let the daughter understand that we cannot make anyone love or by themselves, so not to please others lost or lost dignity, do their most important.

The power of example. An example is the great influence on their children, let the girl see parents experience, especially mothers face failure processing methods, struggle, other than preaching are more persuasive, which is conducive to their future facing similar problem, know what method and attitude to deal with. (the compiler)

(commissioning editor Xu Xiaohua and Yang Di)

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