How blind opened the chatterbox

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When a little excited, but it is usually the most easily embarrassed when. Two strangers are sitting together, chatting, what how to talk to quickly and well improve their favorability? Some psychology can help you.

A chat, one of the most important principle is: possible expression of similarity, is to let the other person feel like "us". Most people love and people who are similar to us, because we all love you. So, as long as it can let them feel you are very similar, the relationship will not be poor. The expression of similarity can be:

Find similar hobbies. Once in the chat during the other mentioned you love the people and things, we must seize the key information, expressed his love, and let the other talk about this topic. No matter what he talked about, with their own words again and agreed.

The expression of language and action similar. Everyone has their own language habits, such as lawyers love with professional legal terms, people who love pets Love Call Pet with the nickname, from a place where people love with dialect vocabulary. Try to find other idioms, when he speaks quickly to use naturally or half unconsciously, to establish intimacy. If two people are not good at talking, most of the time in silence Never mind, when not to talk to each other, you can observe the other's actions. Everyone has some awareness of small movements, such as glasses, cups, naturally imitate each other's gestures in silence when, also can establish a good sense of familiarity.

In addition to the content of the communication, some form of communication on tips can also help us to quickly narrow the distance of the object and the blind.

Smile. Laughter is a powerful weapon for social communication, not only can fully express the goodwill and goodwill, but also enhance each other for their own good. Professor Sophie Scott of the University College London points out that, after hearing laughter, the brain area responsible for smile will react automatically, oneself will also show a sincere smile.

Appropriate eye. Psychologist Robert had "affectionate inspecting" study, participants were asked with a smile, full of good intentions to look at each other for about 8 seconds, depending on the results, love each other between the degree of participants increased by an average of 7% love degree increased by 11%, the degree of intimacy increased by 45%.

"We say". In conversation with the "we" at the beginning, can give a person a kind of intimacy and community that quickly narrow the two distance, such as "what would you like to drink" and "what are we drinking it to the person's feeling is not the same. 3

(commissioning editor Xu Xiaohua and Yang Di)

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