Good old constipation, acupuncture of trouble

Yao Binbin, an associate professor at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine School of acupuncture and massage

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If the intestinal constipation like streets, like traffic congestion, not only will give the intestinal clogging, but also affect the body health. In addition to the selection of drugs for the treatment of constipation, but also with acupuncture, also have a better therapeutic effect.

The theory of Chinese medicine, the etiology of constipation summed up improper diet, emotional disorders, external evil stomach, lack of endowment etc.. The main pathogenesis is hot, cold coagulation, qi stagnation, yin and yang qi deficiency caused by intestinal conduction disorder. The disease in the intestinal disorders, but were associated with lung, spleen, stomach, liver and kidney function. According to the actual situation of different causes can be divided into gas, heat, constipation, constipation, blood deficiency, yin deficiency and Qi deficiency, Yang deficiency constipation constipation constipation. Patients to the regular hospital of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture treatment, the main point of Tianshu, ditch, shangjuxu. The syndrome can be matched with the main points of syndrome differentiation, treatment of point increase.

Heat: the performance of red hot, dry stool, abdominal distension and pain, dry mouth, bad breath, urine short red; red tongue, pulse slide or slip.

Acupoint treatment: Dachangshu, Neiting, large cross, quchi.

Gas Peru: Patients with constipation, reduce the desire cannot, then the quality of normal, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, and belching frequently, eating; thin greasy moss, pulse string.

Treatment: Taichong, Yanglingquan acupoint.

Qi deficiency constipation: will matter but normal defecation, defecation and sweating shortness of breath after fatigue; pale, burnout lazy word; pale tongue or pale and tender, moss thin, weak pulse.

Acupoint treatment: Feishu, Pishu, zusanli.

Blood deficiency constipation: constipation and dry, pale face, dizzy, palpitations, pale tongue; tongue pale and tender, pulse astringent or thin.

The treatment of acupoint: Pishu, Zusanli geshu.

Yin deficiency constipation: constipation, solve difficulties, like sheep feces, emaciation, Fanre, dry mouth and zygomatic red; red tongue without fur, thready pulse.

Treatment: acupoint Taixi, according to the sea.

Yang deficiency constipation: abstruse and difficult urination, defecate urine clear long, nocturia frequently, cold pain in the abdomen or lumbar acid cold, aversion to cold, pale complexion; pale tongue, white or moist, pulse delay.

Treatment: acupoint Shenshu, Mingmen, large cross, shenque.

Acupuncture treatment of constipation effect is good, but if after several ineffective treatment, should identify the cause. In addition, the rest of patients; life should be the law, do not eat spicy, salty food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; proper sports activities, soon sitting, lying near; to develop the habit of defecate; quit alcohol limit, optimistic. 3

(commissioning editor Xu Xiaohua and Yang Di)

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