A brisk walk in treating osteoarthritis of the knee

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Knee osteoarthritis is common disease in the elderly, people aged above 45, the incidence rates were 13.5% and 19%. Joint pain is the main symptom of the disease, many people worry that the walk will be worse. A new study of the American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting in Chicago announced that this fear is unnecessary, brisk walking will not aggravate arthritis, but will be beneficial to alleviate the condition.

The United States University of Delaware biomechanics and sports science research team Hilal Master and health data of more than 1800 elderly patients with knee osteoarthritis were analyzed. The researchers tested the requirements of portable equipment oldman carrying walking can record the intensity, and the follow-up period of 5 years for them. During the study period, 6% of the elderly underwent total knee replacement surgery. Comparative analysis found that the participants only need to walk every day in high strength (brisk walking) for 5 minutes, the probability can be reduced by 16% undergoing knee replacement surgery. Here, the "walk" in high strength has been defined as "the walk more than 100 steps per minute".

The United States University of Minnesota rheumatologist Dr. Paul Suvka said that a big problem that patients with osteoarthritis of the knee is confused, in the end should minimize the activities, or continue to maintain or enhance the movement. New research shows that they can also actively participate in the exercise, rather than sedentary, because physical activity not only helps to relieve the symptoms of arthritis of knee joint, but also can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and improve the level of mental health. The researchers suggest that a leisurely walk to relieve the knee arthritis effect. * (Fang Wenji)

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