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These habits benefit the brain to the viscera "activity prescription"

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Editor's note: "health is the capital of revolution", but in the busy life, we are often busy with work, eager to socialize, but ignore the health of this treasure Feng shui. In fact, usually pay attention to early prevention, health is on our side. People's health network launched "" health "knew" general column, specially for you to collect health knowledge usually ignored, do you think tank health, together with you will be healthy in the end!

These habits benefit the brain

Play the game. Playing chess and playing cards can exercise the brain, the area responsible for handling and execution function. The University of Wisconsin study found that often puzzles and board games for the elderly, for the cognitive function of the brain is not larger than peers playing these games.

Meditation. A 12 minute meditation every day can increase blood flow to the brain, delaying cell senescence.

Protect the heart. The University of Miami study found that more attention to the protection of the heart, the less cognitive decline. A strong cardiovascular system can deliver more nutrients to the brain.

Aerobic exercise. The most beneficial to brain health. Research at Wake Forest University School of Medicine found that people in the elderly brain capacity aerobic exercise than simply extending much.

Often thought. Connection to work depends on the brain between neurons, Alzheimer's patients these connections disconnected. Analysis of critical thinking (such as joining a Book Club and write reading notes) can strengthen the connections between neurons.

Listen to the music。 Listen to music or play a musical instrument can activate the motor cortex, auditory cortex, limbic system and emotional center.

Learn to draw. Even doodling, also need to make the space calculation, and focus on the details, to help protect the elderly against cognitive impairment.

Good sleep. Often lack of sleep can increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease. During sleep, the brain will produce some toxin clearance pressure.

Keep a good attitude. Look on the positive side, pressure and stress hormones are associated with Alzheimer's disease. It is important to maintain a good state of mind.

Make new friends, keep the old friends. Actively participate in social activities, maintain friendship, can prevent cognitive decline. Social activities will mobilize the body of some of the most complex cognitive functions.

Dance. Dancing is the best way to combine sports and music, the elderly can activate the brain. [details]

One can get five

The normally closed eyes liver blood

Chinese medicine emphasizes the function of the liver storing blood, that "the people lying blood to liver". The eyelids like liver work and the rest of the switch, as long as the eyes closed or fall asleep, the liver began to rest, play the hidden blood work. Therefore, the traditional health very stressed closed liver.

Choose a quiet place to sit close, eliminate all interference, ease of repose, helps clear the body meridians, Qi and blood flow. At the same time with the eye exercises in the eyes, can improve dizziness, blurred vision, dry eyes, eye fatigue and other symptoms.

The specific approach is: close your eyes, from the inner canthus outward wipe 24 times with both hands, thumbs, or two hands and four fingers close together over the eyes, gently rub the turn 24 times, then turn inward friction 24 times.

Research shows that the eyes closed when the rest of the blood passing through the liver than standing activities increased by about 40%. The greater the blood flow through the liver, the liver will get more nutrition; also can reduce the liver's energy consumption, accelerate the recovery of liver cells.

Pranayama hilum descending firelight

Mood and stress is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Every thing is like a mixed and a small fire, roasted people upset and nervous. Therefore, the key solution of heart disease is lower firelight. You can sit on a stool, two palms stacked on the navel, eyes closed, can see a bright, warm and comfortable at the intentions of the navel; breathing slowed, breath of rain, deep breath, lower abdomen, slightly lower abdomen opening experience feeling; 5 minutes later opened his eyes, first clockwise rub the palms the abdominal weeks, then counterclockwise rubbing abdomen; finally two cheeks like gargle, gargle drum dozens of times, the mouth of saliva will be more and more, then slowly swallow.

When practicing bradypnoea, a unity of body and mind. With the opening and closing to the lower abdomen breathing intent, but do not use the mind, but the pursuit of like keep a keep, if the mood of rain. Research shows that benign such psychological changes directly affect the endocrine and physiological changes of neurotransmitters, sympathetic nerve, inflammation following fire, the state will improve the heart function, blood pressure, cardiac status will be improved.

Single arm for regulating spleen and stomach

Chinese medicine, Qi Lord, temper to ascend, by lifting the orderly operation, the essence of water and grain distribution throughout the body, nourish the body. So, the key is the changes of spleen and stomach qi to meet the.

For single arm has a good effect on regulating the spleen and stomach, this action comes from eight Jin, in the Song Dynasty when it has spread to the world. The specific approach is: the natural stand, two knees slightly bent, her hands in the lower abdomen, palms up; then the left chest after turning the palm up, turn right hand palm to right hip side with the palms and legs open, stand straight, the whole body is stretched slightly; stop after two seconds, with the original go back together in the lower abdomen, the body relax; then change to give right hand, repeat 30 times.

Don't look at this simple action, want to do in place need to experience in that effort, the arms slowly inhale, abdomen slightly closed, one arm up to the top of the head, Lida root of palm, feel Chengtianzhudi strength, make the body on the drawing arm length; fall slowly expiratory, abdomen slightly loose, as far as possible call the body of aggregate.

The upper and lower arms open, stretching drives the torso, and with abdominal breathing fine long, equivalent to the spleen and stomach had a gentle massage. The trunk of a loose tight, can stimulate the circulation in the chest and abdomen, oblique ribs of the spleen and stomach related meridians, thus plays the role of regulating the spleen and stomach.

Show the shoulder chest Qi Xuan

The lung is the most delicate all organs, to restore the main disperse. Imitation bow action can lead lung, diffuse lung gas, enhance the physiological function of lung Xuanfa and persistent drop.

The specific approach is: two palms hold on the chest, then the left hand right hand palm change character, like a bow as variable hook, at the same time to the right and left sides level separately; the left arm stretch, right arm elbow, like the ancients bow archery, exhibition chest back, forced stretch after 2 seconds; the next two were palm, his arms held flat side then, to the chest, and back to the right to do the other side, repeat 30 times.

The change and development of the shoulder and back chest tightness, can stimulate the Du Meridian and acupoints on back; eight vertical palm and hook terminals were distributed in the lung, can stimulate the acupoints of the fingers and wrist, such as small business, Taiyuan, which leads to the dispersing lung qi, improve pulmonary function. This action is not only suitable for patients with lung disease, is also very suitable for sedentary people. The desk for a long time, Lung Qi block, do archery bow, show shoulder chest, can promote the body circulation, rapid recovery. Is the point of the exercise, the eight palm should be erected, which sat wrist, fingers and arms reached the point of the elbow, and slowly exhale.

Qin Qi kept on tiptoe

From the meridian line, by foot Yin (i.e., spleen, liver and kidney) through the inner side of the foot, tiptoe can dredge by foot Yin Yu, gas upward, thereby warming the kidney and stimulate Qi, improve renal function. In addition, tiptoe not only improve limb blood circulation, prevent varicose veins, enhance the stability of the ankle can increase myocardial blood supply, good cardiovascular health. Tiptoe and if with the contraction of the anus hip, also can prevent hemorrhoids.

Tiptoe can have a lot of "deformation", such as walking on tiptoe, or put up with the heel toe, walking in front side of the leg extensor exercise, play a clear role of the three yang meridians of foot. Both depictions of alternative methods, times and intervals according to their control, step by step, to feel comfortable and relaxed as appropriate. The mobility of the elderly and severe patients with osteoporosis should avoid standing instability and fall, practice suggest the best choice of sitting or lying down, keep your knees and legs parallel, forced on tiptoe or hook toes, repeat 30 ~ 50. [details]

The need of "activity prescription"

The eye eye, staring into the distance

Our eyes are in contact with the outside world the most favorable "switch" normal people more than 80% of the information obtained through the eyes. Due to the excessive use of eyes, this "switch" is seriously overworked. A University of Southampton study found that in human facial features, the eye is one of the earliest organ senescence is the fastest, most people in 45 years will appear presbyopia, blurred vision and other symptoms, and the elastic hardening, an eye refractive lens: the weakening of the. With the deepening of phacosclerosis, cataracts and other eye diseases may cause blindness will come.

Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical University Eye Center Professor Yu Minbin suggested that in order to keep eyes flexible, full of vitality, we must turn the eye. Table tennis is a good sport, playing with the rapid movement of the eye ball rotation, in order to adjust and relax the eyes, but also relieve visual fatigue, anti-aging, prevention of myopia. You can also often staring into the distance in the distance, select a target at 10 minutes, the best choice of green trees, often sit more should do this in front of the computer. Can my eyes to see a target 5~10 meters away, look after the number of the number 3, look at the nearby, such as hands in the sight of fingerprints, look after the count 3 to read the distance, so repeated alternately every 10 minutes. Yu Minbin also suggested that, usually to eat yellow green food, such as carrots, broccoli, kiwi, corn, they contain lutein and zeaxanthin rich, can prevent the functional degeneration of the eye.

Blow the balloon pulmonary chest movement.

Department of sports medicine Professor Lu Yifan of Beijing Sport University pointed out that exercise can make more dynamic lung vital capacity. The study found that human lung large rarely appear inattention, dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms. Ordinary people after the age of 35, vital capacity began to gradually decline, the body oxygen supply is reduced by 5% to more than 10% of young, also will accelerate the aging of organs. But if you insist on physical exercise, can significantly improve the function of heart and lung. You can practice your usually try to blow the balloon, the balloon is blown in one breath, can also insist on doing chest exercise every day, improve the chest muscle strength, so that we can enhance the depth of breathing. The National Institutes of health also recommended to eat apples, because the inflammation of apple peel pectin and antioxidants can reduce the pulmonary.

My heart go, light dinner

The study found that, from the age of 40, the efficiency of the heart to pump blood to the body began to decrease, men over 45 and women over the age of 55 began to increase the risk of heart attack. To maintain the vitality of the heart, the most important thing is to maintain a good living habits, in addition to quit alcohol limit, there are two need to remind you.

First, walk. Researchers at the University of Curie of France in 3208 at the age of 65 ~ 85 years old were observed for a period of 5 years, and found that the fastest 1/3 people walk, walk the slowest risk 1/3 people died of heart disease increased by 40%, and Gender, age, physical activity. The researchers suggest that people should look for opportunities to walk whenever and wherever possible, climb the stairs instead of the elevator, not too far from the place to go as far as possible. The movement into a habit, is the best way to protect the heart. Secondly, to avoid the high oil and high fat diet. Deputy director, deputy director of the Department of Cardiology of Beijing Hospital clinic medicine Wang Fang pointed out, especially the dinner should be light, eat high-fat, high-fat foods. In addition, the American Heart Association recommends that healthy adults two times a week to eat fish, 7 grams of dietary fiber intake per day can reduce the risk of heart disease, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains are a good source of dietary fiber.

Intestinal eat crude fiber, drink yogurt

The human intestine is important detoxification organ, also plays an important role in disease resistance, if there is a problem, not only delicious food, indigestion, constipation, reducing immunity and various health problems will ensue. These factors in killing the "gut vitality", constipation should not be overlooked. Survey shows that 13% of China's approximately 9% ~ constipation rate, chronic constipation from 3% to 17.6%, in which the female prevalence rate is about two times that of men. Director of Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital physician Wang Yanmei pointed out that many reasons cause constipation, organic type, also has the function type, and eat too oil, lack of sports is the main cause of functional constipation.

To prevent constipation, drink plenty of water, eat more crude fiber, drink yogurt is the key. Sufficient moisture to ensure intestinal patency is very important, intestinal water more, it is not easy to dry stool, so drink plenty of water is the first priority to solve the problem of constipation; ensure the food intake of crude fiber, such as corn, glutinous rice, sorghum, bananas, pears, konjac, crude fiber can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, promote defecation; regulation the balance of intestinal flora, increased intake of probiotics, but also a good way to prevent constipation, you can drink some yogurt every day. In addition, the number of neural activity and potassium of the intestinal mucosa is also related to eat more potassium rich foods, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, yam, also have the effect of preventing constipation.

The liver less angry, take a nap

The liver is the body's largest organ, Chinese medicine it figuratively as the general officer". One of the main physiological function of the liver is catharsis, can regulating qi, regulating emotion and promote the spleen and stomach. If you usually do not pay attention to adjust their mentality, irritable, angry, will aggravate of qi stagnation, form a vicious spiral, liver injury.

Chinese professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Yang Li pointed out, let the liver "power" is the key to the less angry and sleep well. The pressure of the crowd should learn to relieve the pressure in a timely manner. A U.S. study found that when the pressure is large, you can sit down and feel the muscles tense parts, then listen to light music, consciously relax these parts, the pressure will quickly ease. Decompression method of deep breathing, massage is also good. Yang Li reminded the best every day to take a nap, can well protect liver.

Skin gentle face, good sunscreen

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, it is the body of the "shield", "age calculator". Skin energetic people, look younger and healthier. Taiwan "health" magazine published an article pointed out that the 20 year old man nieqi skin about 2 seconds back in situ, but after 40 years, 4 to 5 seconds to get back in situ, etc. after the age of 60, will be extended to 6 to 7 seconds. In order to protect the health of the skin, from the following aspects. Gently wash your face. Because of how hard to wash a face, facial skin will destroy the old one step more. Good sunscreen. UV rays can damage the skin cells, leading to premature aging, the best to develop a good habit to go out sunscreen. Drink plenty of water, exercise and smoking. [details]

The five organs are to adjust the breath

The heart qi deficiency syndrome. In charge of heart blood running and spirit. Once the heart qi deficiency syndrome, can be manifested as palpitation, pains, aggravating, trance, incoherent, sad to cry, insomnia forgetful. These symptoms should be Tonifying Qi, taking Shengmai Decoction (composed of ginseng, ophiopogon root, Schisandra 3 herbs) or Anshen Dingzhi wan.

Lung qi deficiency syndrome. In charge of the operation, pulmonary gas breathing out. Once the deficiency, phlegm, cough and asthma have shortness of breath, low timid voice, easy sweating, cold and other performance. These patients can take the decoction of four noble, with 10~15 grams, ginseng or Codonopsis 10 grams of fried Atractylodes, Poria, licorice 30 grams 3~5 grams, boil together, better lung tonic effect.

Spleen deficiency syndrome. The spleen is mainly responsible for food digestion and absorption, spleen deficiency anorexia, abdominal discomfort, thin stool, limbs limp, can take Buzhongyiqi pills, six pills (white water pills, a slightly bitter taste, is the main component of Radix Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Poria, pinellia, dried tangerine peel, licorice), help spleen qi.

Kidney deficiency syndrome. In charge of human bone marrow, brain and kidney essence and blood, men and women may appear kidney. May appear kidney Yaoxisuanruan, scanty menstruation, frequent urination, when people and other issues, suggests that this type of people take Jinguishenqi pills (black brown water pill, sour taste, slightly sweet and bitter), help kidney qi.

Liver qi deficiency syndrome. This concept is currently rarely mentioned, Chinese medicine, liver qi deficiency people easily rib discomfort, and not soft, Qu Shen adverse, cold extremities, abdominal pain, blurred vision. The treatment of liver qi deficiency, can choose liver soup, angelica, Radix Paeoniae Alba, radix rehmanniae, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, each 10 grams of licorice, papaya, Suanzaoren 6 grams, Shuijianbi, twice a day. [details]

Letinous edodes chicken soup, promote metabolism

Stewed chicken soup, letinous edodes rich fragrance, fresh and delicious, can tonifying qi and blood, tonifying spleen and stomach, dirty, old people often eat nourishing the body.

Chinese medicine, chicken, warm, sweet, can benefit the five internal organs, complement deficiency, there is a very good therapeutic effect and easy to be digested and absorbed, is a health tonic. Letinous edodes flat, sweet taste, smell fragrant, tender taste and rich nutrition, nourishing qi to invigorate spleen and stomach tonic effect. Letinous edodes contains potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, selenium and other mineral elements, can promote the metabolism of substance and energy of the body, enhance the vitality, prevent tissue degradation, anti-aging.

Specific practices are as follows: chicken stew mushrooms, dried mushrooms for half a chicken, red dates 10 flower 8 grams, medlar 10 grams. Chicken chop into pieces, pour the boiling water pot, boil it, remove the blood, remove and drain water reserve; dry mushroom early hair bubble, washed and cut in half; Chinese wolfberry, red dates wash, rinse water soak. The chicken, mushroom, Chinese wolfberry and red dates into the pot, add enough water, with the fire boil Simmer stew, 1 ~ 2 hours until the chicken cooked, add salt, mix can be eaten. [details]

White black red yellow and green beans five different beneficial work

Red bean: Red bean also called red bean, red bean, Li Shizhen called the "heart of the valley". Red beans have a good diuretic swelling effect for heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease caused by edema; red beans have a hangover, detoxification; and good blood pressure and lipid, regulate blood sugar and prevent the formation of stones, and body weight loss effect.

Soybean: Soybean, soybean, contains rich nutrition, spleen, moistening, detumescence, is the ideal food for menopausal women, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Soybeans contain unsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids, protect blood vessels, brain and prevent the formation of fatty liver.

Mung bean: Mung bean is medicinal and edible food, has high edible and medicinal value. In legumes, mung bean Qingrejiedu effect more obvious, commonly used in the summer heat, diuretic, and the antihypertensive effect of auxiliary. Contains a lot of protein, vitamin B and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, have whitening, fade spots, clean skin, dispel cutin, restrain acne.

White beans: Also known as white beans, kidney beans, which contains more protein than chicken, chicken calcium content is 7 times, 4 times the iron content of chicken meat, vitamin B content is also higher than that of chicken. White or rare high potassium, high magnesium and low sodium foods, suitable for heart disease, arteriosclerosis, high blood lipids, blood pressure and avoid salt consumption. The detoxification of skin, hair, promote the role of The new supersedes the old.

Black soya bean: Black beans "king of beans", especially suitable for edible kidney. Black into the kidney, Qi Nourishing kidney detoxification, diuresis, detumescence, UFA Meiran, under the gas fill multiple roles virtual antisudorific. Black beans and Qufengshi effect, with black bean, coix seed soup, is rheumatism patients daily drinking food; black beans, chicken soup, a kidney good leg; hypertension headache can use black beans, Radix Scrophulariae, Gastrodia elata soup, Liver eyesight pain effect. [details]

Health to liver

The liver is the viscera "good brothers"

Liver is one of the five zang organs, with the main reservoir of blood, catharsis, detoxification and other functions. The liver function is normal will not only affect the liver itself, will also affect other organs. This is because the human body is an organic whole, the body of the viscera and meridians are a part of the whole. They perform their duties in the body, cooperate with each other, normal activities to maintain good health and life.

If the body compared to the factory in the machine, so the viscera is a function of the parts, any problems which will affect other parts of the operation, thereby affecting the overall function of the play.

The essence of viscera is the same, so will a prosperity, a loss". The physiological functions of any organs of the abnormal, there will be a chain of adverse reactions. Therefore, if the liver health problems will naturally spread to other organs.

Care of liver, enhance the other organs function, can nourish liver yin and tonifying liver from blood to, especially in the elderly, more attention should be paid to. This is because the middle-aged people, and will gradually shows the deficiency of the situation. For example, some people climb several floors, panting, some people do heavy work was limp, is actually the blood deficiency symptoms. Insufficient blood to fill the blood, only will complement the physiological functions of the liver increased, body discomfort can be improved.

Turtle soup, edible medlar liver yin, nourishing liver blood

Medlar 30 grams, 500 grams of turtle, amount of salt, onion half root, a small piece of ginger, vinegar amount. Turtle slaughter offal cuts, with boiling water boiled; medlar wash chopped; ginger wash, slice; wash green onions, chopped green onion. In addition, the green onion salt, prepared raw materials together to casserole, cook for 1 hours and then chopped green onion, salt into edible.

This is the health diet nourishing Yin, yin deficiency, blood deficiency and weak hot flashes patients can eat it regularly, to improve the decay more beneficial.

The morning it enhanced liver activity

The specific method for the legs flat, knocked on both sides of the thigh with fists, each leg knock 2~3 minutes.

Note that it is not the best in the morning, in the evening. This is because the gall was beaten, inspire the gallbladder yang. Chinese medicine believes that Yang ascending, active, if the night gall was beaten, will not conducive to sleep.

So, why it can achieve the purpose of the liver health? This is because the liver interacts, liver function is normal, in order to ensure the normal function of storage and excretion of bile; bile excretion smooth, liver can play its function. So, "said idioms in perfect sympathy with each other". Many modern diseases are related to evening Haoshang liver and gallbladder Yang about.

We should keep to hepatobiliary health. In daily life, nourishing liver yin, liver blood in addition to diet, adhere to massage, should also pay attention to some more water. Often drinking water helps to promote blood circulation, promote the secretion of bile The new supersedes the old.. This is conducive to promoting digestion, accelerate eliminate waste, reduce toxin on liver invasion, enhance the vitality of the liver. [details]

The five sleep is not good, know

The liver is not sparse insomnia. Liver has the function of regulating emotions. If the liver was negative, it will lead to emotional "out of control", appeared depressed mood, anxiety, stress, depression, heart weight and discomfort, thereby affecting sleep. The people to uphold the open-minded, optimistic and positive attitude; a bad mood or want to anger, consciously take a few deep breaths to adjust the mood; a week about 3 times, each time half an hour of aerobic exercise; usually advised to commonly used orange peel, lily, flowers or roses on behalf of tea brewing.

The deficiency of Qi and blood to fall asleep. Blood deficiency blood Yangxin does not disturb the mind, so at night. Deficiency of Qi and blood of the people are very prone to falling asleep, easy to wake up or sweating and other symptoms, women also showed menstrual disorders, by reducing the amount of. This kind of person can eat gelatin, jujube, jujube, Chinese yam, tonifying qi and nourishing blood food; Astragalus, Codonopsis, Atractylodes usually available 10 grams each, brewing tea. Blood weak people usually exercise not excessive or too intense, sweating slightly better, to prevent the consumption of blood.

The spleen and stomach disorders sleep. The stomach and the insomnia, stomach disorders who eat dinner is not easy to digest, once the stomach pain, abdominal distension, it is difficult to have a good sleep. This group if you want to improve the quality of sleep, we must control the diet, try to arrange dinner before 18, eat 70% full, the food should be light, eat beans, whole grains to produce flatulence food and pepper, garlic, cold drinks and other food to stimulate the stomach. That dinner can drink malt porridge, yam porridge, can help digestion, spleen and stomach function.

Renal function is low easy to urinate. Nocturia is a typical manifestation of kidney yang deficiency, is an indicator of abnormal renal function. Nocturia will affect sleep, some people urinate after it is very difficult to fall asleep, but if not endure, will cause greater harm to the body. Black food can kidney, can eat some black rice, black beans, black sesame, wolfberry as usual; bedtime with warm feet, if the washing water add some ginger, cinnamon or leaves, kidney would be better, also can cooperate with springs, Zusanli and Shenshu Point massage. [details]

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