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The refrigerator is not safe, food storage extended harm

Every family has a refrigerator to store food, a variety of vegetables and fruits, fresh seafood, leftovers, dairy, meat and eggs are frequent. In everyday use of the refrigerator, the refrigerator as many people are safe, all the food is put in that all OK, to ensure fresh ingredients, but also can save nutritious food, everything is really like this?

The fatty liver, the dietary nutrition should be adjusted from these five aspects.

Tongsudeshuo, fatty liver is too much fat in the liver. The definition of medicine is, when liver fat (fat is mainly of triglycerides and fatty acids) decomposition and synthesis is out of balance, or storage disorder in liver parenchymal cells within the excessive accumulation. If fat a total of more than a constant times, or histologic liver parenchyma fatty infiltration of more than 30% to 50%, it can be diagnosed with fatty liver. The fatty liver, don't worry. To find the cause of fatty liver, and as far as possible to eliminate the cause.

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