Red dates and liver cancer! Try this six kinds of health food

National Nutrition week

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Nutrition week introduction 2016 nutrition week

     According to the State Council issued the No. 2014-3

According to the State Council issued the No. 2014-3 "the outline of the development of food and nutrition Chinese 2014-2020", the fourth part points out that to improve the awareness of nutrition, promoting a healthy way of life, establish the scientific concept of the establishment of public drinking, nutrition day. Carry out food and nutrition knowledge in village activities, strengthen nutrition and health education". The former Ministry of Health issued "nutrition improvement program management measures" No. 2010-73, "nutrition improvement work, also stressed in a balanced diet, rational nutrition, regular exercise as the center of scientific propaganda activities, professional guidance, social participation principle.

China Nutrition Association decided in the eighth session of the four standing committee of the third week of May each year, identified as the "national nutrition week". Nutrition week by Chinese Institute of nutrition combined with Chinese CDC nutrition and Health Institute, Ministry of agriculture, food and Nutrition Development Research Institute, Shanghai Academy of China Nutrition Science Research Institute as initiated and organized units.

The dietary guidelines for interpretation

Public welfare policy

 Child nutrition improvement projects in poor areas Child nutrition improvement projects in poor areas

The dietary guidelines for animation

First set: a teach you how to eat.
The second set: cereal based food diversity
Third: eat healthy weight balancing
Fourth: eat milk, soy, Vegetable & Fruit
Part 5: the amount of fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat
Episode sixth: salt and less oil, sugar and alcohol control
Episode seventh: eliminate waste, Xing new restaurant